Nouveau Lash Eyelash Extensions

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Nouveau lash eyelash extensions’ enhance your natural beauty and lashes. Infills are needed every 2-3 weeks. If over 4 weeks a full set is required. I am trained in the classic individual lashes where one lash is applied to each natural lash. I am also trained in Russian volume lashes. These lashes are lighter and up to 6 are applied on one natural lash to create more volume. Hybrid lashes are a mixture of both styles. You can not have eyelash extensions if you are pregnant.

Full sets take around 2 Hours so allow this time and enjoy a ‘lash nap’ !

Full set Classic 1:1 Extensions Up to 2 hours -£62
Classic 1:1 Infills Up to 1 hour- £31
Full set Russian volume Up to 2 hours 30 mins-£72
Russian Volume Infills Up to 1 hour 15 mins-£36
Full set light Russian or hybrid lashes Up to 2 hours 15 mins -£66
Light Russian or hybrid infills1 hour 15 mins – £33.50
Extra 15 minutes lashes ( can be added if infills are left over 3 weeks. If over 4 weeks a full set is needed)£15.50
Eyelash removal ( in salon or home kit )£12